The Unity of the Human Being: From Embryonic Development to the Generation of Habits

The project seeks to show how the description, analysis and hierarchical organization of the elements included in the development of the first stages of biological growth of the human being (genome and epigenetic circumstances), together with the structures and faculties, up to the acquisition of skills and habits, reveals the development of the human being as an unitary, constant and articulated process; that allows to understand the human being as a complete unity with specificity, according to a biological and philosophical perspective. Through this analysis of this unity, deployment and growth, we try to establish the differences between the unity of the human being and the unity of the rest of the alive beings and the inert beings. It by means of the dialog between biology and philosophy. The project includes seminars, simposia, publication of academic texts, supported by an academic center of interdisciplinary studies in relationship with public and private universities.

Grant: US$15,000

Dates: February 2016 – January 2017