Mind-brain debate in contemporary psychiatry

Different views on mind-brain problem (MBP), especially if mind is a brain product or something that transcends the brain, has marked implications for clinical practice and for the understanding of spirituality and human nature. The present project engages a wide range of disciplines (psychiatry, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and history of science) in order to: 1) increase interest and awareness by general and academic audiences on the state of art of academic discussions on MBP; 2) stimulate new and well informed studies; 3) encourage networking and the establishment of new research groups of MBP. This project has seven components: 1) Research: Mind-brain problem in psychiatry journals; 2) Two international Mind-Brain Conferences: Does the Brain Produce the Mind?; 3) Award: “The mind-brain debate and its controversies”; 4) Project’s website; 5) Web Videos on MBP; 6) Project’s Fan Page on Facebook and 7) Special issue on MBP at the journal “Archives of Clinical Psychiatry”.

Grant: US$29,920

Dates: April 2016 – March 2017

Website: http://mentecerebro.com/