Human Life and its Place in the Cosmos in the Neo-Materialist Worldview

This project aims to study the philosophical conceptualization of human life in eco-materialism. It will examine the ontology within eco-materialism: the definitions of life, matter- both organic and inorganic-, its mutual interconnections; and thus, what the position of human life in cosmos is. This research of a hermeneutic character will inquire into certain key texts from this humanist-environmentalist approach through a critical and interactive interdisciplinary dialogue between philosophy, theology, biology, the social sciences, and the humanities (ecocriticism and literature). Furthermore, it will analyse the compatibility of this perspective with that of the Ecclesiastical Magisterium about the special dignity of the person in cosmos, Laudato Si. Finally, the research will establish the argumentative potential of these new eco-materialist theories as a foundation for a new ethical and political normative order that regulates the relationship between the human and other beings.

Grant: US$15,000

Dates: April 2016 – April 2017