Philosophy and the Limits of Science

Professor René van Woudenberg is professor of philosophy at VU University Amsterdam and the Director of the Abraham Kuyper Center for Science and Religion. Prof. van Woudenberg will help us in our beginning efforts to develop the study of the interaction between science and religion at the University of Costa Rica. He will be our guest speaker in our III Spirituality and Science Forum on The Limits of Science. He will also give two major lectures open to the public, and will have discussions with graduate students in science and their professors. We will take advantage of Prof. van Woudenberg’s visit to organise a research project on the interaction of science and religion, as well as to explore options with our university authorities to create new opportunities to do interdisciplinary work in this area. He will engage with our Spirituality and Science working group during several meetings, as well as the directors of different graduate programs in science and in philosophy.

Host University
Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Host Scholar
Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas