Journal Quaerentibus – Digital and Outreach support

Quaerentibus is a free open-access electronic academic journal devoted to the promotion of intellectual dialogue between theology and sciences, and intended to reach Romance languages countries and cultures. It was launched in 2012, and 5 numbers have already been issued. It is one of the relatively limited resources in our languages for engaging our academic communities and general public. Particularly, it is one of the few journals for promoting academic research on this field in Latin America. Nevertheless, the improvement of the journal’s digital framework, and the necessity of effectively reaching major centres of research, through publicity and communications, and achieving a more interactive platform with writers and readers, lead us to redefine this project, on the basis of new technology and logistics. Especially, we aim at a more active international interchange among our interdisciplinary communities, to contribute to a sustainable network on the subject.

Grant: US$15,000

Dates: January 2016 – January 2017