Life in the Universe: Origin, Nature, and Meaning

Paolo Musso, philosopher of science, has investigated the roots of contemporary epistemological anti-realism and its relationships with modern rationalism and cultural relativism, publishing a book, “Science and the idea of reason”, for which in 2014 he has been accepted as a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Furthermore, he has studied modern science and its origins, especially cosmology, physics and bioastronomy, also being, from 2004 on, full member of the SETI Permanent Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics. The main topics of discussion during Dr Musso’s visit will be:

  1. The relationships between the conditions required for the origin of life and the conditions required for the origin of universe.
  2. The philosophical and religious implications of the possible existence of life in other parts of the universe.
  3. The problem of the universality of reason, with a special focus on inter-cultural communication.

The main activities in which Dr Musso will be involved, both in Lima and the provinces, are:

  1. Collaborative research work with Dr. Oliva about the origin of human soul in the context of cosmic evolution.
  2. Collaborative research work on inter-culturality with the UCSS research group and some international experts.
  3. Collaborative research work on cosmology for UCSS and UNIFÉ professors and students.
  4. A course of specialization for professors in philosophy and theology.
  5. Two seminars for school directors in Huanuco y Huancayo.
  6. An international Congress.
  7. Some talks for the general public.

Host Universities
Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae (UCSS), Peru
Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón (UNIFÉ), Peru

Host Scholars
Jorge Oliva
Ángel Gómez Navarro