Questions at the Border between the Natural Sciences and Religion

Brazil is a huge country, and academic activities that may integrate different universities and institutions are hard to keep. This is all the more true when the field of research involves science and religion, as we face suspicion and prejudice. The presence of a renowned scholar such as Dr Karl Giberson among us certainly contributes to aggregate scattered efforts that are happening right now. A scholar with impeccable academic credentials, as can be drawn for his CV, he may foster local interest in the field of science and religion. Institutions involved include PUC/SP (Graduate Programs of Religious Studies, History of Science, and Theology) and USP (two research groups in the area of biology) in São Paulo. In Curitiba the institutions are PUC/PR (Graduate Programs in Theology and Bioethics) and Universidade Positivo (Graduate Programs in Bioethics) as well as other institutions of learning. Activities devised for Dr. Giberson include short-term courses, talks, conferences and interviews with different media. People that will benefit from these activities are research groups of each institution, Faculty, graduate (mainly) and undergraduate students, and the public through main conferences and science popularization. As for advertisement for these activities, we will offer websites, posters and flyers, e-mail lists and press releases.

Host University
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná

Host Scholar
Eduardo Rodrigues da Cruz