Cognitive Science and Christian Theology

Prof. Justin Barrett is a founding figure and leader in the field of cognitive science and religion. Author and editor of copious articles and several books—including “Cognitive Science, Religion and Theology” (Templeton Press) and the four-volume Routledge “Psychology of Religion”—Prof. Barrett was previously the Director of the “Cognition, Religion, and Theology Project” at the University of Oxford and research associate of the Ian Ramsey Centre; he now is the Thrive Chair of Developmental Science at Fuller Theological Seminary.

We propose to bring Prof. Barrett to Colombia to discuss the interface between cognitive science and Christian theology at leading Protestant and Catholic institutions. The host institution, the Fundación Universitaria Seminario Bíblico de Colombia (FUSBC), is Colombia’s top Protestant seminary. Prof. Barrett will offer a public lecture at FUSBC on the subject of his 2012 book “Born Believers”, to which we will invite local church leaders as well as faculty members from the psychology, theology, and education departments at local Catholic universities. Prof. Barrett will also offer a more advanced seminar on science and religion to the FUSBC students and faculty, and over the course of the rest of his time in Medellín he and his host, Dr Christopher M. Hays, would meet with a range of students and faculty to discuss science and religion and to explore future collaborative possibilities between Fuller Theological Seminary and FUSBC.

Prof. Barrett and Dr Hays will thereafter travel to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, where Prof. Barrett will to speak to the Colombian Philosophy, Science and Religion Network (led by Dr Carlos Miguel Gómez of the Universidad del Rosario). He will provide both a public lecture and a half-day seminar on how beliefs are formed and what are the philosophical and theological implications of the Cognitive Science of Religion.

Host Institution
Fundación Universitaria Seminario Bíblico de Colombia, Colombia

Host Scholar
Christopher M. Hays