“The Brain and Forgiveness”

The human being is a social being by nature. This factor has allowed the humanity to advance in many ways. All types of relationships like family, friend and co-workers are pillars to the humans to develop. However it should be emphasized that when we interact with others conflicts may arise. Each person has a different type of character and personality which sometimes leads to disagreements. Such discrepancies usually end in a sentimental or physical injury. In these circumstances is where forgiveness plays a very important role because when we interact with several people we might hurt somebodies feelings or it can be that our feelings can get injured. When a person does not decides to grant forgiveness, the resentment and bitterness of that of that emotion causes blood to be hit by a hefty amount of stress hormones which generates attitude changes, depression and/or anxiety while when a person decides to forgive is stimulated the immune system, normalizes blood pressure and anxiety and/or depression levels are reduced. One of the main reasons why it is important to know about the brain and it´s relationship with forgiveness is because if we understand what happens inside we can understand what is happening to us and which the best way to react in the situation is. The focus point is to investigate the forgiving process that goes around in our brain and to understand the effects that forgiving can have in the brain and in the person.