“Natural Revelation through the Lens of the Cosmos”

According to the Bible, there are different types of revelation (Hebrews: 1: 1-3). The type of revelation that we can see in the universe and that causes us a sense of wonder and awe is Natural revelation. A way in which God shows us His majesty and power but also there are other lessons that as humans we can learn from the vastness and mightiness of the Cosmos.
The universe is such a magnificent place which has evolved over more than 13.7 billions of years. It contains galaxies, stars, black holes, planets, comets and much more. And yet here we are.So then, where do this leaves us? How should we feel? small? insignificant? lucky? meaningless? This are ideas and emotions that might arise when we compare our existence to the vastness and wonderfulness of the universe.
There some at least three main lessons that we can learn just by observing the universe.The work of our creative God is glorious and there are many aspects of God that we can learn from it. He has revealed outside of the Bible, We just have to look carefully and learn to appreciate the beauty of his wonder and the language in which He speaks.