“Science and Religion relationship about the origin of life and the notion of life in three Mexican magazines”

In the current debate about the relationship between Science and Religion the social sciences have not been largely present, including Communication Sciences and, within it, the dissemination of science. I believe that the popularization of science should be involved in discussion for several reasons. First, media spaces specialized in popularizing science are those which would naturally approach (or not) this debate and present the different positions involved to the larger public. So it is interesting and important to know whether the dissemination of science still holds the old paradigm that Science and Religion are definitely unrelated to each other (in the best case) or that they are “enemies” in the worst. Second, because media spaces of popularization of science are privileged spaces to promote the dialogue between secular and religious citizens, between the rationality of modern reason (science) and the rationality of religion or faith, following Jürgen Habermas, especially about issues where both of them can be mutually enhance. Third one, the popularization of science is not only the natural space to show to the public the debate about relationship between Science and Religion, in the manner of an agora, which it is of itself important, but also, and as a result, can itself become a bridge for dialogue between both, Science and Religion. This paper, then, aims at making a qualitative-comparative analysis from a communicational perspective on how three Mexican publications approach the subject of the origin of life and or the concept of life in their relation to religious notions.