“Perception of Biology Teachers about the Origin of Life in Three Latin American Countries, with Different Patterns of Religiosity and Laicism”

This paper investigates the concepts of biology teachers about the origin of life in three Latin American countries, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, for which there were significant differences in the response among teachers of the three countries. I argue that it is relevant to discuss this issue in a new religious context in Latin America, particularly in Brazil. This new scenario is shaped by the growing of the number of followers from the evangelical churches, named neo-Pentecostals, some with a literal vision of the Biblical text, on the other hand, there is also an increase of those who call themselves without religion, including no followers of any creed, agnostics and atheists. This new religious framework announces the possibility of conflicts in the educational field, that was exactly I detected in my research and would like to discuss the analysis of the results of this question.