Theology, Science, Truth and Belief

Rev Prof. Canon Graham Ward has been the Regius Professor of Divinity of the University of Oxford since 2012, arguably the most important academic position for a theologian in the UK. Before that, he was the Samuel Ferguson Professor of Philosophical Theology and Ethics and the Head of the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures at the University of Manchester. In Oxford, he is also the Director of Graduate Studies of the Theology and Religion Faculty and a fellow of Christ Church College. Prof. Ward has engaged with different fields of theology (especially postmodern theology and philosophy, psychoanalysis and cognitive sciences). He has written on the theology of language, postmodernism, cultural analysis and Christology. His most recent publications include How the Light Gets In: Ethical Life I and Unbelievable: Why We Believe and Why We Don’t, as well as having edited a number of book series on theology.

During Prof. Ward’s visit to Brazil he will be in direct and constant contact with the academic community of Faculdades EST, a leading theological institution in South America. He will participate with lectures and talks on multiple events of the 3rd. International Congress of Faculdades EST, where scholars and students from all continents will be present. He will also teach an intensive discipline for the students of the Masters and Doctorate in Theology of the institution and interact with the academic community in multiple Research Groups. He will be giving public lectures at the two largest private universities in the state – PUC-RS and Unisinos, both long time partners of EST in theologically related events. In total, he will have 8 formal opportunities to speak, to an estimated audience of 450 people. He will be hosted by Prof. Rudolf von Sinner, Professor of Systematic Theology, Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue, Director of the Institute of Ethics and Prof. Extraordinary in Stellenbosch, S. Africa, where Prof. Ward is also a visiting Professor.

Host University
Faculdades EST, Brazil

Host Scholar
Rudolf von Sinner