Ontology, Theism, and Natural Theology

Prof Frédéric Nef PhD, Prof Emeritus at EHESS, is member from 2002 of the Institut Jean-Nicod (research centre for cognitive studies) and Directeur d’Études (Full Research Professor) at EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales – School for the Higer Studies in Social Sciences) in charge of the doctoral program in Philosophy.

Professor Nef is recognized for his wide philosophical work, as well as his trilogy: La connexion, Vrin, Paris (Forthcoming); Les propriétés des choses, Expérience et logique, Vrin, Paris, 2006 and L’objet quelconque, Recherches sur l’ontologie de l’objet, Vrin, Paris, 1999.

Professor Nef will interact with teachers and students from more than 20 under & post philosophy local programs, to be invited. He will give a short course on some developments in contemporary ontology applied on the understanding of the reality of God. This course will be guided by the question: Is a naturalistic approach to God possible? Some topics to be addressed are: metaphysics and rationalism; natural theology and contemporary logic, Realism vs. Naturalism, truthmakers theory and theism, among others. Professor Nef will also lecture to the general public on his main research on metaphysics. His contributions will be central for our academic research group, LUMEN, with the current project “Metaphysics of the Human Person” and our future project “Cognition, Evolution and Theism”; and would feed the current debate between faith and reason.

Host Universities
Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Colombia
Fundaciòn Universitaria Monserrate, Colombia

Host Scholar
Liliana Irizar