Towards an Integral Understanding of Reality: Science and religion in Dialogue

Prof. Dr. Dirk Evers holds the chair for Systematic Theology at Martin Luther Universität at Halle Wittenberg and is the current president of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT). He has published extensively on Science and Religion, particularly focusing on issues related to cosmology, evolutionary anthropology, modal logic, epistemology and ontology. In Colombia he will meet and work with the professors and students belonging to the Philosophy, Science and Religion Network, at which five of the most important national universities take part: Rosario, Javeriana, Nacional, Valle and Sabana. His main activities, aimed at impacting on a very large and diverse audience, are:

(1) A residential three-day workshop for 25 participants.

(2) The V Inter-University Colloquium of Science and Religion, which would take place during the VI Colombian Conference of Philosophy (10th -14th August, Barranquilla). This is the most important Philosophy Conference in Colombia and would give us the opportunity to interact with the philosophical community at large.

(3) Two public lectures in Bogotá, open to the general public and held in some of the universities of the Network.

Host University
Universidad del Rosario, Colombia

Host Scholar
Carlos Miguel Gómez Rincón