“Revisiting the Place of Virus among Us, the Living Beings”

If we intent to shed some light into the subject of the virus as micro-organism with or without a life, we have first to describe what life means, biologically. From this it is possible to make again some observations about what is considered the object of biology, lending the words of other sciences, as chemistry and physics. Life, in the first place, can exist especially where we find the organization of physical and chemical elements in which the functions are maintained by one scheme of structuring and regulation. And if we think in this way is possible to imagine the virus as a microscopic living being, because the virus is constituted by one part of different sort of proteins that protects involving the other part made by genome (DNA or RNA). Whereas there is still a dispute about the relationships between virus and living beings, we know for certain that the virus is derived directly from the most real form of life, so that their natures are fundamentally the same. While discussion is under its way, it is still easier to ask if one virus has life itself or no, rather than answer this dogmatic question. One thing has to be extremely clear, is that scientists are appreciating virus as fundamental players in the history of life.